Top 20 Under 30: Cyndy Stroebel

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Starting out as a receptionist, Stroebel considers the developments in her career as a fascinating experience that came with various encounters, allowing her to build a solid foundation for herself.

Working her way up in every organisation she has ever been employed in, cultivated her desire for the next challenge, and this ultimately led her to being at the helm of Skyrove.

Started from the bottom

“Most of my previous professional roles have consisted of being a receptionist, personal assistant, staff or operations manager and it was in June 2014 when Skyrove saw my potential to take on a new path in sales,” says Stroebel.

“Taking the path into the ICT industry was not something I was aiming for, but with the business model of Skyrove, I was able to get involved in an aspect of events as well as break into the ICT industry simultaneously. I have never been shy of a challenge or learning new things,” she adds.

With her ambition getting bolder with every leap, Stroebel felt the need to break out of the administrative roles she had become accustomed to and try her hand at a more enterprising role.

Turn risk into opportunity

That would prove to be a challenge, especially with no corporate background in business development. Shortly after joining the company, the leadership at Skyrove decided to take a chance on her by allowing Stroebel to join the company’s business development division.

“I have always been fortunate enough to experience great growth within the company. I started as a sales engineer in June 2014 and became the CEO in January 2017.

“I have not only achieved many personal goals, but I’ve exceeded every one when I took over as CEO. My greatest breakthrough to date is turning the company (after 12 years of being in existence) into a profitable and sustainable business,” says Stroebel.

Heading up a company puts one in a different position as opposed to being a subordinate, exposing Stroebel to some of the organisational challenges that executives are faced with daily, such as the human factor and helping navigate the company through the unpredictable market climate.

Looking ahead

After four years with Skyrove, Stroebel is very excited about what is on the horizon for the company under her leadership. However, she adds that the only way to achieve those objectives is to maintain the consistent work ethic she has gotten accustomed to.

“When I have a task at hand, I hit the ground running until it’s completed. Let’s just say I am quite the perfectionist! A huge frustration in daily business is coming across the mentality of ‘why do it today when I can do it tomorrow’.”

While overseeing most of the internal organisational processes, Stroebel believes that being hands-on with the daily running of the company is the main reason she managed to pull Skyrove out of a phase flagged with losses to becoming profitable consistently.

Skyrove has been involved with many groundbreaking projects ranging from the launch of the BMW M4 to the Cape Town Tens as the main Wi-Fi provider.

“My plan for Skyrove is to continue changing the structure of the business and including new strategies and products. How we started gave us great leverage and knowledge to move forward and grow, but it’s imperative to keep up with trends and ever-changing needs,” she concludes.

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