Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi for hotspots at venues such as Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Shops, Guest Houses, Hotels, Air BnB’s and Markets. (The list is endless really. The product is suitable for anyone who wants to have guest Wi-Fi)

The connectivity requires a Telkom landline as we most often use ADSL for these being the most cost effective form of connectivity currently available. We are however able to provide this service on a fibre connection should you have fibre available to you.

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Get Guests Connected With Ease

Who do we service?

- Coffee Shops
- Restaurants
- Hotels
- Guesthouses
- Air BnBs
- Markets
- Shops
- Salons
- Anyone wanting to offer limited guest Wi-Fi.


1. Uncapped 4Mbps Package
2. Uncapped 10Mbps
3. Software Only Package
4. Custom Splash Page Package

What's in the bag

- Skyrove Control Centre for Voucher Management and Hotspot Monitoring
- Dedicated technical support PLUS after hours support
- Skyrove One-Click login access
- Free hotspot listing on maps.skyrove.com
- ADSL Management (Excluding Software Only Package)
- We provide you with 2 separate networks, one for your guests and one for your back-office

Added extras

- Add your logo to your Skyrove login page and vouchers
- Connect using local and international roaming partners such as Boingo, iPass and FNB Connect
- You can earn revenue from your guest’s purchasing data bundles and using them at your venue once they’ve depleted their limited free bundle

What's required to get started

- Once-off hardware installation (Site Survey Required)
- Telkom Landline

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