Mobile Wi-Fi for Brand Activations

Mobile Wi-Fi for Brand Activations

We have developed a unique plug-and-play ‘box’ that is used for mobile brand activations in places where Wi-Fi is not necessarily available. These units can be used in places such as airports, shopping malls, beaches, on roadshows or at markets. The list of possibilities is endless, provided you have a power source.

They were designed to be used anywhere (and in any weather) and for easy shipping. These unique and one of a kind mobile units are used for brand activations of all varieties, whether it be getting people to download an app, promoting a new brand or simply creating awareness by allowing guests to access free Wi-Fi in order to do so.

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Increase Interactions At Your Brand Activations

No Limitations

Our boxes are designed to be used anywhere (and in any weather). Examples of locations they can be used are airports, shopping malls, beaches, roadshows and markets.

Economic WiFi Solutions

These units are ideal for brand activations in places that may not have a landline or the cost of a wireless link may be too high for the specific activation.

Custom Splash Page

A custom plash page is available as part of this service as an add on feature and you are able to design this to your needs.

Allow your audience to interact with your brand on the move


Offer lightning-fast connectivity to a large audience


Be in complete control of the network usage