Event and Conference Wi-Fi

Event and Conference Wi-Fi

We provide event Wi-Fi to clients nationwide who are having once-off events or conferences and they require backhaul (temporary internet) at their function for their guests to connect. The basic information used when formulating a quotation includes the number of guests, venue address, dates, times and the purpose of the Wi-Fi (E.g. Streaming required, Social Media use, General Browsing, App downloads etc) This information is required so we may determine the type of connectivity required.

A custom splash page is available as part of this service as an add on feature and you are able to design this to your needs.

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Unlock Your Events Potential With Skyrove

We offer a dynamic service

Whether you’re organizing a conference, training day, media tent, sports event, rock concert or any other event where you need internet access, Skyrove’s Event Wi-Fi provides high speed wireless internet for your delegates – so they can email, connect, network and report on your event.
Wi-Fi and other technologies are key to the success of today’s events and tradeshows.

Provide us with the following:

1. Date/s
2. Start and End Times
3. Venue Address
4. PAX
5. Are you interested in a custom splash page (Examples found here: XXXXXXX)
6. What you intend your guests to be able to do with the Wi-Fi (E.g. Streaming, App
Downloads, Social Media, General Browsing etc)
7. Venue Contact for Site Surveys

Once we have this information, we are able to send you an accurate quotation. Included in the service, are basic analytics/reporting post event.

Wi-Fi and other technologies are key to the success of today’s events and tradehows


Interactivity is the order of the day. Audiences no longer want to be passive


Expectation for network connectivity and engaging content is high with the proliferation of network-enabled devices