Corporate Wi-Fi

Corporate Wi-Fi

With our vast knowledge about Wi-Fi and networking, we’re able to assist you with either setting up a new office network or repairing your current network.

We’re able to provide solutions to small offices as well as larger corporates. We understand the value of having a consistent connection in the workplace and can therefore provide a solution that works.

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Allow Your Business to Take Off with Skyrove

Modified to Adapt

With the increased demand for mobility and the rapid adoption of smart devices, wireless networks are quickly becoming a critical component of network infrastructures across virtually every company, which has made business Wi-Fi solutions a necessity and no longer a luxury.

There's Always Opportunity to Save

Skyrove prides itself on building bespoke solutions for your company, as such we believe it is not always necessary to replace existing hardware. Where possible, we re-use existing hardware to provide a solid reliable Wi-Fi network within budget.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

Our team of Wi-Fi specialists have extensive experience with Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Ruckus and Cisco Meraki Access Points and will build a system to your current and future requirements.

Tailored Solutions

No matter how challenging the environment or how many sites you require connections too, we can build a business Wi-Fi solution to suit you and your companies network needs.

Give your guests lightning-fast internet access when they visit your business


Skyrove's security measures allows you to be in control of how much data each guest is using


Offer top-ups and even package upgrades to people on the go