Hotspot Owners

What is Skyrove?

Skyrove is South Africa’s largest individual hotspot network provider, with over 500 hotspots around South Africa. As part of our network, you’ll be able to let your customers get online quickly and easily at your location – whether you run a hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, deli, apartment block, or anything in between.

Do I qualify to get a hotspot at my location?

Regardless of your size or business, you qualify to start your own Skyrove Wi-Fi hotspot at your location. So whether you’re a large hotel, a small coffee shop, or something in between, our Wi-Fi hotspots are the ideal way to add value to your guests.

How do I sign up for a hotspot?

Setting up a Skyrove hotspot is easy. Simply call us or email us, and we’ll find out more about the Wi-Fi solution you need. Once you’ve finalised your contract with us, we’ll set your hotspot up for you (including installing all the equipment you need at your location) and you’re ready to go!

I already have a Wi-Fi solution. How much will it cost me to switch to you?

It depends! Typically, a small venue (e.g. restaurant) installation costs as little as R2000. Additional equipment is usually required for larger venues.

I already have internet for private usage at my hotel/restaurant/guest house. Can I use this existing network to set up a Skyrove Wi-Fi hotspot?

Unfortunately not – we’ll set up a new network for you so that we can deliver a fully managed solution. We can, however use your existing Telkom ADSL line if you already have a contract with Telkom.

Your internet service is unshaped. What does this mean?

When your connection is shaped, Telkom prioritises basic web applications, so anything beyond standard browsing takes longer. With an unshaped account this restriction is removed, meaning that everything you or your customers do on the web is as fast as it can be.

What does the monthly cost include?

Our monthly fee usually includes network maintenance, technical support, and your monthly ADSL line fee. Our technical support team is also on hand for your guests should they have a problem at any Skyrove Wi-Fi hotspot.

How will you bill me?

Payment is made monthly via debit order from your account.

Will my staff and I need to pay to use the Wi-Fi internet once it’s installed?

No. As part of your monthly cost, you’ll have access to a separate, secure network for you and your employees to use exclusively. Depending on your package we’ll give you up to 10 Gigs of data on this network per month.

Can I set up multiple hotspots?

Yes! There is no limit to how many hotspots you can set up. If you want to set up multiple hotspots, check whether you qualify for our Authorized Skyrove Partner Program. You will receive multiple benefits like higher revenue share, participation in competitions with attractive prizes, equipment discounts, marketing and sales support etc.

How do I set up my hotspot?

We set up your hotspot for you – you don’t need to do anything. Once you’ve signed up, a member of our technical support team will come to your location to set up the network including any equipment you need. You’ll also be given a tutorial for logging in to your user account where you can do things like track online usage and print vouchers to sell to your customers.

What technical equipment do I need for my hotspot?

In order for us to set up a Skyrove Wi-Fi hotspot at your location, all you need is a Telkom landline. We’ll provide all the rest of the technical equipment you need, such as routers and cables. We’ll also get the Telkom ADSL line installed on your behalf.

I already have an ADSL line through another ISP. Can I still sign-up with Skyrove?

Yes. We’ll manage your hotspot and your charge will exclude your ADSL line rental if you opt for the software only package. We can also apply for migration of your current ADSL line to us and offer a fully managed system, with no hassle! If we migrate the line to Skyrove, once your contract ends, we will transfer it back to you.

How much will it cost for my guests to use my hotspot?

Our pricing is structured per MB, in other words, your guests pay for how much data they use rather than how much time they spend online. This price is shown on the hotspot welcome screen when your guests access the hotspot.

How do my guests get online?

When your guest is at your hotspot, they’ll open their own laptop or smartphone and be greeted with a Skyrove welcome screen. From there they can log on or buy Megabyte bundles.

How do my guests pay for internet usage at my hotspot?

Your guests can pay in two main ways: buying megabyte bundles from the Splash Page using a credit card, or by buying prepaid MB vouchers from you the hotspot owner.

How do I get prepaid vouchers to sell to my guests?

When we set up your hotspot, we’ll give you a user account to which you can log in to buy and print vouchers using your own credit card or your available balance. After you’ve bought your vouchers online, you’ll be able to print them straight away.

Do you charge commission on vouchers that I sell?

No. The vouchers are there purely for yours and your customers’ convenience. It costs exactly the same for your customers to buy credits online or to buy vouchers from you.

Are my guests limited to how much data they can upload or download at my hotspot?

The only thing that limits them is the amount of MB they are willing to buy.

Can I give free internet to my guests?

Yes! As part of your contract with us, you can print free vouchers that you can give to your guests at your own discretion. (20MB with our Basic Package, 50 MB with our Premium Package)

Can my vouchers be used at any hotspot besides my own?

Free vouchers can only be used at your venue. Paid vouchers can be used at any Skyrove hotspot nationwide.

Can my staff and I use the same Wi-Fi network that my customers use?

Yes, you can. As part of your contract with us, we set up a separate, secured network for you and your staff to use. In this network, you and your staff will have access to up to 10 Gigs (Premium) or 5 Gigs (Basic) of data per month.

How can I see which users are online?

When you sign up, we’ll give you an owner account where you can log in to see which users are online and the status of your network. You can also use this account to purchase vouchers and see how much revenue you’ve earned.

How do I log into my account?

Go to www.skyrove.com and click on the “Customer Login” link in the top right hand corner. You’ll be able to see network statistics including usage stats, who’s online, and how much money you’re earning. You’ll also be able to print vouchers to sell to your guests.

What if I need help?

Our technical support team is on hand to help you online or via our support line (0861 ROVERS) from 8am – 10pm on weekdays, and between 10am – 8pm on weekends.

What if my guests need help logging on to my hotspot?

We have a technical team available to help your customers should they need assistance while accessing your hotspot. They can either contact us via email to support@skyrove.com, or by calling 0861 ROVERS between 8am and 10pm on weekdays, and between 10am and 6pm on weekends.

Hotspot Users

How do I get online at a hotspot?

If you are at a hotspot, simply connect to the Skyrove network by opening a browser window. On the portal page that now comes up you can buy credits to access the Skyrove network in one of three ways:

  • buy credits with your credit card
  • type in a voucher number (ask the hotspot owner for a voucher)
  • create an account and buy credits directly from the Skyrove website

What packages can I buy?

With the exception of special offers, you can buy the following credit packages online:

  • 100 MB for R20
  • 500 MB for R39
  • 1 GB for R69
  • 2.5 GB for R139
  • 5 GB for R239
  • 10 GB for R379
  • 20 GB for R699

How much does Skyrove charge for Internet usage?

At a Skyrove hotspot, we charge you for the data you use (measured in Megabytes) rather than how much time you spend online. This means that if you’re doing things like sending and receiving emails or browsing a simple web page, you’ll spend less money than if you were watching a YouTube video or uploading a video clip.

How can I see what a particular hotspot charges per Megabyte?

The price that a hotspot charges per Megabyte is shown on the portal page of each hotspot and on our Hotspot Map. Simply click on the hotspot that you want to use to find out what it charges.

How can I keep track of how many credits I’ve used?

You’ll always be shown exactly how much data you have remaining via the Skyrove Status screen that you’ll see when you’re logged in.

Can I use my Skyrove account at other Skyrove hotspots?

Yes! You can use your Skyrove account and credits at any Skyrove hotspot in South Africa and worldwide. This is called roaming.

How long are my vouchers valid for?

There is no expiry date for your vouchers – they’re valid for as long as you have still have unused MB.

What SMTP server should I use for my email program?

Your email application (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird) might give you an error saying that ‘Relaying is not allowed’. When you log in at a Skyrove hotspot, your ISP will not be able to see that you are a legitimate customer and may therefore not allow you to use their email servers. (They do this to prevent spammers from using their servers) We recommend that you use your ISP’s online webmail service (most all ISPs provide this) or ask your ISP how to authenticate to their mail server, in order for them to recognize you as a legitimate user. In South Africa, you can also try the smtp.saix.net server.

Here’s a list of the common SMTP Servers

  • Telkom ADSL – smtp.dsl.telkomsa.net OR smtp.saix.net
  • Telkom Analogue Dial Up – smtp.saix.net OR smtp.dsl.telkomsa.net
  • 8TA – smtp.saix.net
  • MWEB ADSL – smtp.mweb.co.za OR smtp.mweb.net
  • Vodacom 3G – smtp.vodamail.co.za OR smtp.vodacom.co.za
  • MTN 3G – mail.mtn.co.za
  • Cell C – mail.cmobile.co.za
  • iBurst – smtp.iburst.co.za
  • IS ADSL – smtp.isdsl.net
  • IS 3G – smtp.isgsm.net OR smtp.dial-up.net
  • Goggaconnect – smtp.vodamail.co.za OR smtp.vodacom.co.za
  • Neotel – smtp.neomail.co.za
  • ABSA – smtp.absamail.co.za OR mail.absa.co.za
  • @lantic – smtp.lantic.net
  • Nexus ADSL – smtp.isdsl.net
  • NetActive – smtp.netactive.co.za
  • Polka – smtp.polka.co.za
  • Web Africa – smtp.wa.co.za
  • Afrihost – smtp.afrihost.co.za
  • Vox – smtp.lantic.net
  • Cybersmart – smtpauth2.cybersmart.co.za OR smtp.cybersmart.co.za
  • Nokia/OVI – smtp.mail.ovi.com OR smtp.mail.yahoo.com