Wi-Fi Analytics

Connected Mobile Experiences and Wi-Fi in retail

Our Wi-Fi analytics platform allows you to gain a better understanding of your customers / patrons or guests. It allows you to detect and measure customer engagement levels and react to these in a cost effective and highly productive manner.

  • Wireless Access Points count and keep track or wireless enabled devices within range
  • Keeps precise dwell time measurements and can detect repeat visitors
  • Develop location-aware applications
  • Create new revenue opportunities and increase customer loyalty
  • Analyze foot traffic through smartphones


Measure visitor trends and conversion ratio over time. Evaluate marketing effectiveness.


Provide high quality limited / paid Wi-Fi. Promote products or shops using the custom Wi-Fi landing page.


Engage with your customer base via push marketing and E-mail marketing when they are in range.

You can report, analyze and visualize your data. And there’s more:

  • Sell Wi-Fi advertising space with detailed analytics (page views and data usage)
  • Analyze website, application and device usage
  • Gain powerful insights through rich analysis and visualization tools
  • Build bespoke reports and cross-site comparisons