New Login Process

By now you would have noticed that Skyrove has a slightly different login process!

In the past, you would automatically see a Status Window, which would display your login status (time, MB left, etc) and also any errors. The problem with this was that it behaved differently on IE6 and Firefox than on IE7 and some people never even saw the status window! It also made it difficult for people using mobile browsers to know what was going on.

With the new Login page, we will first log you in and only if there are no errors, will you see the “Welcome Page” (with links to show the maps, buy more credits etc). Once you are on the Welcome Page, you can now click on “Show Status Window”, which will then open a popup showing your login status.

We realise this might not be the perfect solution for everyone, but we do hope that the consistency between different platforms will be of benefit to you. Please let us know what you think or if you have any ideas on how we can further improve Skyrove!

We’ll give a 100 free credits to the first 20 40 people to leave a constructive comment!


Henk – Skyrove CEO

UPDATE:We’re running a little poll about what should happen when you close the Status Window. Please vote below!

UPDATE 2:Thanks for the response! Because of your suggestions, we now show your credit balance & remaining MB in the Welcome Page as well.


  1. I think it’s a definite improvement to the old system. It would be great if you could make it possible to open the status window in a new tab in IE7/Firefox and not in a new window.

  2. I think this a great improvement because I can see the amount I use on my account history anyway and it is less clutter on my screen.

  3. I like it. It doesn’t block up my toolbar.

  4. After I leave the Welcome page, it is difficult for me to find a link to see how many credits I have used. Before, I could just pull the window up while I continued doing whatever I was online to monitor my credits used.

  5. It took me awhile to find the option for having an extra window pop up. Besides that, I do really like the new login process and page. It does look much better, and I do appreciate being able to see how much I downloaded versus how much I’ve uploaded. Good improvement!

  6. I like this new proces more than the old one, because I don’t like popups very much.

    But I think it would be very nice, if you show the credit balance in the top of the site (beside “Logout”).

  7. Hi, Staying at West Coast Lodge and myself plus another guest have regisgtered with you. We are receiving e-mails but cannot send any??? Diane 082 512 7024

  8. I must say, I wasn’t impressed with the first log in process. It always gave me errors and i was fed up ’cause it never show! And i was always nervous my MB will be gone when I needed it most! :P

    But now it’s SO much easier. Fast, effective. Thank you guys.

    You guys made it easier and it’s just a click away if I need it.

    A job well done.

    From a Broke Student who lives off wireless hehe :)

  9. I really like the new login system. I experienced errors with the old login process, and often I would not be sure if I was remaining online. I even was not able to log on several times because it said I was still logged in, except I wasn’t! Thanks for fixing this!

  10. I like the new process. The tracker window that doesnt pop up is nice but when you do click it to see how many credits you have, it shouldnt log you off if you exit it.

  11. Firstly, thanking you for changing the login procedure!

    I use both a pc and mac to access my skyrove point, and there were significant differences in terms of what displayed in the status popup [when it worked]. For myself, Safari gave me issues with not displaying it at all, and for some reason having a authentication problem when “disconnecting” me, preferring to think i was still connected.

    Since your update, both safari and Mozilla [mac and pc ver respectively] give me no more concerns.

    I can suggest though you highlight the area now created in a more graphic bolder way. It is easier to lose it in the common theme of the webpage itself.



  12. Hai,
    I like the new log process. Only one thing; in FF I can only choose to let FF remember both username and password. Because my computer is used by more people with a own account, it would be usefull that the browser can remember the username, but not the password.
    Like hotmail does, ther you can choose to remember your username, password, both or none.
    May be you can write such a function?


  13. Some great comments! Thanks guys!

    Nicole & Emily, we’ll definitely look at making the “Show Status Window” link more obvious.

    Michael, showing the credit balance on the Welcome page is a brilliant idea! Expect to see it soon!

    Brian, I think your comment warrants a poll! In the past we didn’t log people off, but received many complaints from people who thought they were logged off after closing their browser. Watch this space!

    Thank you very much to everyone who’s commented so far! It really helps to keep the Skyrove team going when we hear from you!

  14. Hi There,

    often I have to login in twice to be able to login in. Not sure if this is the way that skyrove is set up. Nonetheless, I think the way that it is set up, with a welcome menu, in addition to the menu which if you press a button that tells you your how much of your credits is left, is a lot better than what it used to be. I also agree with Brian that often you have to be careful about logging off and that this should be more evident.

    Otherwise great progress skyrove!

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  16. I like it, much nicer. but do agree that if the status window could open in a tab that would be the cherry!

  17. The new process is definitely better but I think it should be made more obvious how to get back to the facilities that are made available on the welcome page (e.g. access to the status window) if you navigate off the welcome page.

  18. I found the old version…well old! The new version looks a lot more user friendly and the ability to view more details on your account is a welcome addition.
    The entire process from adding credit to logging on and then logging off has sped up so thanks and keep innovating!

  19. Please with login process, very easy to understand and i like the new link as an option for the status window!

  20. Overall I think not having to have the status window open is a good improvement. I know it only used up a very small amount of credits, but I found it wasteful when the status window woudl continually refresh and use up my credits, even when I did not want it to. However, I wish that we could open the status window, and then close it without automatically logging off. This way I could check my balance to see how much I have left, but then close the windown without signing offline. Overall, I think it is a definite improvement though.

  21. I like the new link for the status window but i think it would be a better idea if the system automatically logged the user off when the user closes the browser.

  22. I do like the new system, it’s certainly an improvement but i do have some suggestions to further improve it: i) Please make it clear to the user how many credits they have remaining at the end of a session; ii) When implementing interface changes please advertise the changes so that customers are aware of it, it took me a while to figure out what was going on with the missing status window; and iii)Please remember to maintain operational consistency when implementing changes as it helps us customers to stay in the know-how…

  23. oh and i just thought: it might be a good idea to give the user preference options about whether they want to be logged off if they close the status window or whether they want to see an account update etc. etc. – this could potentially solve most of your problems. This way users can select the options that works best for them :)

  24. I think the new log in process is pretty nice. I did really enjoy having the credit status window open immediately. I really like the new smaller window though but I would like it to pop up like the old one did.

  25. If you click to get the status window, then throughout the time you’re using the internet, the status window keeps randomly popping up, and so you can be typing and suddenly find that you’re not typing anymore, or that whate3ver you’re doing is now obscured by the status window. Is there anything you can do to stop it doing this?

  26. works for me. possible improvement would be a minimised status window, as a toolbar, or item on the task bar. don’t know if that’s possible or even a good idea for most people.

  27. It is much better now, that is for sure. I like the new look and that the status is also showed in the main window is better. The only problem I have is that I log off, and later on log on again I have much less credits than when I logged off. This happens when I used skype. Maybe there is a big delay? I hope this could be solved because now I am never sure how much credits I actually have.

  28. I like it better as well; even better if it didn’t log me off when I close the status window.

  29. It’s a very convinient system that is easy to log on. The only thing was that I have lost some credit after I closed the skyrove HP and could not find it again to log off.

  30. When I navigate away from the login page I find it hard to check my status or log off. This means I either have to open the status window or do not navigate away from the login page so the screen is cluttered either way, because I would like to log off. I liked it when the status window popped up as soon as you logged in so if there was a way to overcome the problems with the old system and still have it do that, I think it would be ideal. also, I like the way the old status window looked, but that is just a question of aesthetics, and not too important.

  31. i like it better now as well. i never liked the having the extra window with status. during browsing i like to keep things as clean as possible and that just confused me a bit. also, sometimes i would think it was a pop-up and close it accidently, forcing me to sign in all over again. so yes, the new approach is cleaner and better.

  32. I don’t like this new log on page–I want to know how many credits and I have, and I want to be able to log off. Although, I will admit, that the internet seems to be moving faster since this changed.

  33. This one is easier, I’ve got all sorts of wierd trojans which messed with any explorer process, including logging on, but this is more robust against that.

  34. i really like the new setup….its extremely tidy on the desktop, and convenient on startup…..thanx guys!!

  35. It’s definitely an improvement. I like the Google search bar too. You could work on making the page more attractive, though, and also provide a link for customers having trouble.

  36. just a suggestion maybe you guys should create a “login option” where users can choose whether they want to log off when they close their browser or to actually click the logout button in order to log out because it seems as if different people have different preferences why not offer both? Also maybe you guys can possibly offer the status window as an actual toolbar on the browsers that would be cool to!

  37. I am using Safari and after leaving the welcom window and later returning to it I am having difficulties opening the status window- it stays blank. otherwise I like the new smaller status window.

  38. I think the system works well, although sometimes the status window isnt opening up and i think its crucial that it does, as one tends to not realize how long has one been online or how much has one downloaded. That provides us consumers a more accurate idea of our balance and it gives you the security that your clients are well informed permanently. I would make sure it opens every time the user logs on.

  39. I am a client of skyrove for only a short time. I deem it very positive that you reacted to possible problems with the login rather fast. The new login page looks better

  40. I think the new login process is cool it makes life easier. just want to say thank you for the service that you guys supply us with and that you guys are listening to the needs of you’re clients.

  41. Iknow all the spots have been taken, but I just want to say that its better to have just one window pop up. You dont have to worry about navigating away from the wrong window and losing your connection anymore… Kudos to the developers…

  42. Thanks for the improvement! Everything works better for me now! Keep on improving!

  43. it is definitely a good idea because the additional windows used to make it look less smooth. now it’s quicker to browse the net.

    however for some reasons(running really low on credits), users might like the window. i know there’s a button we can click to see the status. but it’d be even more convenient if you guys can use catch to save the preference. so some users can elect to have that pop up windows whenever they log in. also making a compact version of the status would be a good idea. like a tiny window always floating on the top of all other application to tell how much credit is left.


  44. I am a first time user, but like the interface, particularly that you show the remaining credits and MB’s in your login page.

  45. I hate this new system!!! It should just be automatic. Handling the stress of paying is already enough.

  46. Thanks for all the comments!

    Neha, I’m not sure what you want to be automatic?

    Perhaps you could look into using DeviceScape. It’s a free web service that will automatically connect you to any Skyrove hotspots.

    The drawback is of course that you won’t be able to see your credit usage in realtime. (Though it’s always accessible at when you click ‘History’)

    Hope this helps!

  47. The login is much more user friendly now. Without the second window the process is faster and without any delay.
    Well done!

  48. I am pleased with the new system now, and it seems like you are making all efforts to improve it even further. The one thing that bothered me was the lack of notification of system change. I wasted a ton of credits that day due to the misunderstanding. Maybe an email warning or a big advertisement on the login page would be convenient

  49. i think the new login is much better – you don’t have to waste time opening a second window – you can see your credit balance straight away.

  50. It would be better if it was something that was in the corner of the screen rather than a whole page.

  51. One difficulty I am having is logging off once I have navigated away from the welcome page. Is there any way of doing this short of disabling the wireless connection?

  52. I’m not sure how I feel about the new system — I have a more difficult time keeping track of my credits. And recently, at my house, several of us all lost 1000s of credits at once — even though we weren’t using them. It was as if they deleted on their own!

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  54. Its a big improvement over the old system I like it alot.

  55. I think it works very well. Nice to see how much credits I’ve got or had)…


  56. am amazing improvement and compatibility with the iPhone is amazing

  57. Great! You made it very users-frienly!! Thanks

  58. You need to add somewhere on the main log in page a link to go to add more credits!

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  60. Ok…shot for fixing the login auto complete feature ;) And the status popup works fine in Mozilla.

  61. Btw…re. the status popup onunload(), please rather provide an option for those who want to be logged out when they close the popup, seems inconvenient to have to login again afterwards.

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