Internet More Important than Sex to South Africans

Earlier today I was planning a Google Adwords campaign for a new wireless internet product Skyrove WiFi Hotspots will be launching soon. As some of you may know, Google Trends is a great way to see what people are searching for on the internet.

Unfortunately, Google Trends does not tell you exactly how many searches there are for a particular term. You can only compare terms with each other. One of the most commonly searched terms on Google, believe it or not, is ‘sex’.

So to get some rough benchmark of how often people search for “internet” in SA, I thus decided to compare the ‘sex’ with ‘internet’. This is what it looks like:

Incredibly, more people in South Africa are now searching for “internet” than there are looking for “sex”!

I’m not sure what conclusions to make yet, but it’s certainly interesting! I also did some other searches on Trends, e.g. 2010, internet (2010 recently outranked internet in the US, but NOT in South Africa!).

(Post by Skyrove Founder Henk Kleynhans – You can also follow him on Twitter:


  1. You get a similar result when you compare “food” and “internet”.

  2. You are such a geek Kleynhans!

  3. know thats not true we as south african we concentrate to our businesses and money we dont care about sex or anything else but we need the internet to make our job and business prosper

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