Conference and Event Wi-Fi

Are you organizing a conference, training day, media tent, sports event, rock concert or any other event where you need internet access? Skyrove’s Event Wi-Fi provides high speed wireless internet for your delegates – so they can email, connect, network and report on your event.

  • Wi-Fi and other technologies are key to the success of today’s events and tradehows
  • Interactivity is the order of the day. Audiences no longer want to be passive
  • Expectation for network connectivity and engaging content is high with the proliferation of network-enabled devices

We offer three different flavours to suit your Event Wi-Fi needs

Simple Standard Premium
Delegates / Audience 50 100 Any
Venue Size 1 Room 2 Rooms Any
SSIDs 1 2 Any
Dedicated on-site support
real time network monitoring and management
Billed hourly
Comprehensive Wi-Fi reporting
Enterprise Grade Hardware
Basic landing page branding
Creative supplied *
Service Guarantee
Comprehensive Wi-Fi analytics

* Additional costs apply for in-hour landing page branding development
** Backhaul cost quoted separately depending on your requirements. All fees are ex VAT.

Join these leading South African brands who’ve used Skyrove at the events!

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