Electronic Communications Facilities (ECF) Leasing Regulations

Last week ICASA published the ECF Leasing Regulations, hot on the heels of announcing that valuable wireless spectrum would go up for sale! Effectively, it means that anyone who controls any electronic communications facility, including cables, antennas, masts & even satellite transponders must share this with an ECNS licence holder that needs to use such facilities.

This is obviously pretty big news! If you’re in the industry, make sure you have a look at the Regulations, available from Ellipsis Regulatory Solutions - http://www.ellipsis.co.za/facilities-leasing-regulations/

I’ve also made a mindmap (incomplete) that outlines some of the pertinent points. I find a mindmap much easier to use for legal documents I find clauses like to refer to other clauses in the same document. With a mindmap I can quickly see the clauses being referred to without searching through pages. You can view (and download) the mindmap from http://www.xmind.net/share/geekrebel/electronic-communications-facilities-(ecf)-leasing-regulatio/ or use the embedded version below (click the PopOut arrow bottom right to view in Fullscreen mode)

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