How to connect to Skyrove enabled Wi-Fi hotspot

Step 1

Searching for Skyrove hotspots

Ensure that your computer’s wireless network is enabled. You should see the following:

Wi-Fi Detected

Click on the Wireless Network Connection icon and open the list of available wireless networks

Step 2

Connecting to a Skyrove hotspot

Select the wireless network “Skyrove Internet”.

Wi-Fi List

Step 3

Getting online

Open your Internet browser and you will automatically see the log-in page. If not, try to open any web page, e.g. (Click on the image to see the fullscreen version)

Skyrove Portal Page

Step 4

Purchasing credit

You can now purchase Skyrove credits via credit card or voucher (ask at the hotspot).

In future you’ll be able to use the internet at any Skyrove Wi-Fi hotspot worldwide. Visit to find out where they are.