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Mobile Wi-Fi Solutions

Posted on April 11, 2016

Mobile Wi-Fi

The growth in demand for constant connectivity has led to exciting innovations in wireless technology, meaning you never have to be out of touch. Responding to demand, Skyrove has developed a well-functioning Mass Transit Wi-Fi system that has already been deployed in 24 tour buses in the Western Cape.

Skyrove’s custom-built management and billing system allows you to have a hotspot on the go giving your customers an additional quality service. Skyrove makes use of LTE / 3G coverage and robust hardware specifically designed to handle the austerity of mass transit to help give you the edge in your service.

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Uncapped Internet Now Available via Fibre

Posted on October 30, 2015

Fibre to the Home at St Martini Gardens!



For many years, Skyrove has had a very reliable Wi-Fi installation at St Martini Gardens which is 2 apartment blocks located on Queen Victoria Street in Gardens. There are a total of just over 250 apartments and these are comprised of student accommodation as well as temporary and permanent residents.

Up until this month, we only offered a pre-paid Wi-Fi service via our voucher system which was particularly popular with the more temporary residents.  In general, it was beneficial as the connections were readily available and Telkom was not required in order to have internet access to connect with family and friends while staying in Cape Town.

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All About Wi-Fi Analytics

Posted on October 7, 2015

The Basics of Wi-Fi Analytics – PART 1



By making use of enterprise grade equipment such as Meraki, as we do, you can access new and existing data to gain a better understanding of patterns and behaviour. This information can be used to engage your users and optimize your marketing strategies and come across more effectively.

Smartphones with Wi-Fi capability, when enabled, can now be used as an indication of customer presence thanks to probe requests. These are management frames that are transmitted at regular intervals from Wi-Fi enabled devices. They contain information that can be used to identify presence, repeat visits and time spent in particular areas within the range of a wireless AP – such as a Meraki. The owner of the device does not need to connect to the network as the presence of the device will still be detected while in range of the network.

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More Event Wi-Fi for Google!

Posted on August 25, 2015

Event Wi-Fi for Google at the 2015 Loeries!



After our previous event for Google this year when we were tasked to provide event Wi-Fi on Robben Island and pulled it off effortlessly, we were requested by Google for the Loeries Creative Week in Durban at the ICC.

The Loeries Creative Week took place in the week of the 10th of August with various activities happening such as voting. The Google stand was open on the 13th and 14th of August and they had some very interesting things happening.

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Something to Wine about!

Posted on July 13, 2015

Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2015


In June, Old Mutual hosted their annual Trophy Wine Show in Cape Town and Johannesburg. These events took place at the CTICC and the Sandton International Convention Centre on the 12th and 18th of June 2015. This is known as one of our country’s most respected national wine competitions and it gives guests the opportunity to taste some of the very best wines.

According to Cape Town Magazine, each of the 1000-odd wines that enter this exclusive competition is rigorously tested by international and local experts in blind tasting sessions, so you can be certain that the beverages tasted on the night were really the best of the best.

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A Flashback Friday to Robben Island…

Posted on July 3, 2015



As you may know, in April this year Google launched Street View on Robben Island. You can now take a virtual tour of the whole island via Google Maps from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

This was launched in preparation for Freedom Day, the 21st Anniversary of its first democratic elections.

With the virtual tour you are not only able to ‘walk’ through the prison and the island but there are also videos containing more information and talks that you can watch at your leisure. Google Maps will also develop teaching notes on Robben Island for any teachers that wish to use this interactive tour as an educational tool. The interactive tour can be accessed on mobile phones, from desktops and from Google’s Cultural Institute, where Robben Island Museum will host 5 exhibits depicting the history of the island. (more…)

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Get to Know Our Wi-Fi Experts!

Posted on May 19, 2015

10 Questions for the Experts…

Name: Tim Elston

    1. Position at Skyrove: Technical Manager
    2. Time with Skyrove: 4 Years
    3. Favourite Online / PC Game: Hmm, tough one. Dota 2 for old times sake.
    4. What is a Wi-Fi Network: A device or collection of devices linked together to access the internet or share data. 
    5. What is an AP: An access point. A device that broadcasts and manages Wi-Fi Networks.
    6. What is backhaul: A rather broad industry term, usually used to describe a primary internet connection.
    7. Favourite hardware to use for conferences / events: There is no brand that I would single out. I like to use a blend of Ruckus and Meraki hardware, with perhaps a dash of Mikrotik to spice it up in some special cases. Meraki for their well-rounded cloud management platform which allows for efficient end user management. Ruckus for their, in my opinion, unparalleled Wi-Fi hardware, keeping everyone connected when crowd density and RF interference become factors.
    8. Favourite event you have worked on: The annual Google South Africa conference.
    9. Why has conference / event Wi-Fi become so popular: I imagine it is because people like the internet, no? There are a number of factors that play a part. Allowing delegates to stay connected and work on the go, promoting your message via social media, analytics through Wi-Fi, the list goes on.
    10. Have you ever done an event at a venue with existing Wi-Fi: Yes.

    Name: Adam Barnard

    1. Position at Skyrove: Network Technician.
    2. Time with Skyrove: Approximately 4 Years.
    3. Favourite Online / PC Game: Counterstrike GO, Call of Duty, Broforce.
    4. What is a Wi-Fi Network: Sorcery.
    5. What is an AP: Google says its a radio station…
    6. What is backhaul: Is this an interview?
    7. Favourite hardware to use for conferences / events: I like Meraki for its intuitive cloud based dashboard and powerful range of devices. Ruckus when you just need solid Wi-Fi that wont let you down.
    8. Favourite event you have worked on: TEDx events are great as they are informative. No harm in learning something new while you work!
    9. Why has conference / event Wi-Fi become so popular: Everyone has a handheld device, tablets, phones etc. Wi-Fi at events these days is less of a value added service and more of a necessity. Clients wanting to promote their brand/event have to take advantage of the online presence and having delegates live Tweet / Facebook / Instagram at their events is very powerful.
    10. Have you ever done an event at a venue with existing Wi-Fi: Yes, at a conference center. Skyrove’s Wi-Fi worked much better. [NOTE: I am not being biased :)]

    Name: Kudzi Jirira

    1. Position Skyrove: Junior Technician
    2. Time with Skyrove: 2 months
    3. What is a Wifi Network: technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless LAN (WLAN) network.
    4. What is an Access Point: : Is a device that receives data by wired Ethernet and converts to a wireless signal. It sends and receives wireless traffic to and from nearby wireless clients.
    5. Favorite hardware to use for conferences / events: I haven’t worked on any events.
    6. Why has conference / Event wifi become so popular. Having internet allows people to stay connected and work on the go.
    7. Have you ever done an event at a venue with existing Wi-Fi: No
    8. What is your opinion on Mobile Wi-Fi solutions like our tour bus Wi-Fi: Its the future

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Expert Event Wi-Fi at the 10s

Posted on March 12, 2015

event wi-fi


For the 7th year in a row, the Cape Town 10s took place at Hamiltons Rugby Club in Greenpoint with a brand new headline sponsor for 2015 –

Of course with such an innovative brand comes amazing concepts, like the Oasis. This was a relaxation ‘oasis’ where players and 10s attendees could take time out, relax with a cold one and enjoy the ‘view’.

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