Hotspot Reports Overhaul

If you’re a Skyrover running some hotspots, you recently would have noticed a revamped My Account page. You can view your uploads, downloads and earnings either per hotspot or for all your hotspots combined.
Skyrove Reports Screenshots

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

When you Mouse Over the red, yellow or green sections, it will show you uploads, downloads and earnings respectively. If you prefer seeing the numbers, simply click on ‘show table’ to get the same stats in table format.

What’s great about this is that you can now easily see if there were any problems with any of your hotspots at any time. In the example above, the hotspot was down for most of 25 & 26 February.

If you’d like to see how much money your hotspot made in a particular year, simply click on the year on the left hand side, and the graph will show a breakdown month by month, instead of day by day.

We’re sure you’ll like the new reporting tool a lot, but in case you prefer the old one, simply click on ‘Old Reports’.

Any feedback is welcome!

Online Users Now Viewable

Skyrovers (Hotspot Providers) can now view online users at their hotspots!

After logging into the Skyrove Account Manager, simply click the ‘Users’ button to see who is online at your hotspots right now!

Skyrove Online Users Screenshot

New: Skyrove Maps Self Add

If you are a Skyrover (aka Hotspot Provider), you can now add your Hotspot location to the Skyrove Maps service yourself! No need to figure out your GPS coordinates and send it to us anymore. Here’s a screenshot showing where you can find Arnold’s Cafe.

Hotspot Map Marker Placement

To see it looks like after adding it, head down to Arnold’s for some Wi-Fi and the best Bacon & Banana Burger on the planet. Once you’re there, log into the Skyrove hotspot and send an email to info(at) We’ll send 500 Skyrove credits to the first 5 respondents!

Fun New Things on Hotspot Manager

We’ve made some updates to the Hotspot Manager (the page where you set up new hotspots, set their pricing etc). The most exciting thing is that you can now add your own Skyrove Hotspots to Skyrove Maps simply by clicking on your location!

New Welcome Page

We’ve just implemented a new look Skyrove Welcome page! (That’s what we call the page that displays immediately after you’ve connected to a Skyrove hotspot). It’s still a work in progress, so we might still add and remove a few things.

The main feature we’ve added is the Google Search box. We noticed many people went straight from our Welcome page to Google, so we thought we’d save you some time by allowing to do a Google Search directly from the Skyrove Welcome page. Is there anything you really miss from the old page? Is there anything you really don’t need on the new one? Please leave a comment! (100 free Skyrove credits to the first 10 responses before 5 May, which is also Henk‘s Birthday! Please also mail me at henk at skyrove dot com with your Skyrove username so I know who you are)

Skyrove Maps (Beta)

Skyrove Maps

Hi folks,

We have finally launched Skyrove Maps. It’s still in Beta, so please forgive some minor bugs and anomylous behaviour.

Please note that less than 10% of Skyrove hotspots are currently shown on the map. We depend on Hotspot Owners providing us with their hotspot coordinates, so it will be a few weeks before all Skyrove hotspots are shown.

It also only works in Firefox for the time being, so if you’re STILL running Internet Explorer head over to and get the faster, more secure internet browser.

Your feedback is always welcome! (Either here, on our forums or by email

New Portal Page is Live

Skyrove Portal Page v2

Hi folks,

The new portal page has gone live. If you are a Hotspot Provider, you’ll need to log into your account manager and update some settings.

Of course this is an iterative process, so we welcome your feedback for the next iteration of our portal page. Please see our previous post for the main requirements.

We know it’s not as “pretty” as the last one was, but then I prefer Google (simplicity) over Yahoo (bells & whistles).

We’ll keep working on it!