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Good morning all Skyrovers!

We are pleased to announce that over the weekend we moved into our new offices. We are just experiencing a few telephone issues whilst Telkom processes our Golden Number transfer. If you need to get hold of us in the meantime please call our out of hours support number: 074 654 79 11.

You can also find us at our new physical address:

Suite 23b Unit16,
The Waverley Business Park, Wyecroft Road
Mowbray 7705

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Skyrove’s latest news!

It’s amazing how time flies. The end of the year is upon us and so is summer. But it’s not over just yet and October was a busy month for Skyrove. Enjoy reading up on our latest news!

Latest News

Our prices have changed as of the 1st of November 2012. You can now purchase vouchers online or at one of our voucher vendors for the following prices:

  • R375 for 2500 MB
  • R200 for 1000 MB
  • R100 for 400  MB
  • R25 for 100 MB
Skyrove is looking for an Enterprise Sales Manager ready for a challenge! More information on
Skyrove provided Wi-Fi during the The 19th Africa Oil Week, which took place at the Pavilion, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town from October 29th to November 2nd.

The Africa Oil Week/Africa Upstream conferences reputation is one of the top world-class conferences on the world business calendar! The 19th Africa Oil Week hosts the world’s leading deal-makers and senior level networking executives in the oil and gas industry in Africa.

Skyrove provided connectivity during the PyconZA Convention on the 4th and 5th of October 2012 at the Pavilion Clocktower in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.
Skyrove sponsored and provided Wi-Fi in partnership with Wireless Online Communications in the third annual Content Strategy Forum 2012 which was held in South Africa for the first time ever at the Spier Wine Estate from the 24th to the 26th of October 2012.
Happy birthday to Helen, Monica and Tim! To celebrate the Team organized a foosball tournament. Well done to Tim and Murray for winning Skyrove’s first Foosball Tournament. Helen and Adam came in 2nd.
October was rich in celebration: the team celebrated Adam’s and Bronwyn’s 1 year anniversary with Skyrove!
Skyrove is happy to announce that Wireless Online Communications is now one of our trusted backhaul providers!
Skyrove, Meraki’s Gold Partner in South Africa is pleased to inform you that Meraki recently launched 2 new products on the market:

Skyrove Team Member of the Month

Name: Tim Elston

DOB: 8 October 1991

Profession: Senior Network Technician

Hobbies: Paintball, Hiking/Camping, Travelling, Fire Dancing and Gaming

“I am driven by a strong passion for technology and all that is new and shiny. I studied in Stellenbosch, focussing on network administration. I was then lucky enough to be accepted into the Skyrove family and over the last year and half, have been happily working alongside this unique and spirited team!”

Expanding our coverage

We are South Africa’s largest and fastest growing independent Wi-Fi hotspot network with over 450 Wi-Fi hotspots at the last count.

Our team consists of dedicated and highly trained technical staff, engineers, sales and marketing people whose main aim is to bring you the fastest and most efficient Wi-Fi solutions.

Keep a lookout for new hotspots near you! View our map!

Skyrove’s new hotspots in town

- Get connected to Skyrove Wi-Fi at Deano’s Cafe, Shop 10 Dean Street Arcade, Newlands, Cape Town.

– Find Skyrove Wi-Fi at Barristers Grill Restaurant, located in “the heart of Newlands”, Cardiff Castle, corner Kildare Rd & Main Street, Cape Town.

– Have a delicious coffee and surf on the Internet with Skyrove Wi-Fi at Gloria Jean’s Cafe, Rosebank, Gauteng.

– “Coffee, Pedal, Passion” & now Skyrove Wi-Fi at The Handlebar, 100 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town.

Events and Conferencing

Skyrove is providing Wi-Fi duing the G South Africa Conference 2012 which will be held the 12th and 13th of November at the Pavilion Conference Centre at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Skyrove is providing Wi-Fi during the Microsoft MEA CCG Executive Event 2012, which will be hosted from the 4th to the 7th of November at The Mount Nelson Hotel, 76 Orange Street, Cape Town. Microsoft will provide you the opportunity to connect with Consumer Channels Group friends and Microsoft Executives during round tables and 1:1 sessions.

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The 34th Loerie Awards Annual Conference in Cape Town

Skyrove is providing connectivity for the 34th Loerie Awards  Annual Conference, which will be held in Cape Town City Hall, Cape Town, between the 15th and 23rd of September 2012.

What are “The Loerie Awards”?

The Loerie Awards were established in 1978 by the SABC as a mechanism to promote the new medium of the time–television.

Since then the awards have grown to encompass all areas of brand communication, including disciplines such as experiential field marketing, ambient media, and architecture.

With over 3,000 entries, The Loerie Awards is the largest and most prestigious award for advertising and brand communication in South Africa. The award is internationally recognised and is the only South African award used by the esteemed Gunn Report to determine global agency rankings.

Why a partnership with “The Loerie Awards”?

This event is the largest and most respected advertising award show in South Africa, and includes Africa and the Middle East.

The awards are attended by all the country’s top creative’s, agency leaders, marketing executives, media owners and media planners. Take full advantage of this audience both during the awards and by networking during Creative Week.

Outside of Creative Week, the Loeries have a year-round programme.

The Loerie Awards are also covered by local and national consumer press, as well as trade press. The Festival Weekend in Cape Town is enthusiastically followed by local residents as well as through the media.

The Loerie Awards programme

  • Judging Week Seminar: Monday 17 September to Friday 21 September
  • Awards Ceremonies: Saturday 22 September & Sunday 23 September
  • Travelling Exhibition: throughout the year, dates can be found on the website.
  • MIGRATE Magazine covering the event: Issue 16 – November 2012

This year sees a major change, because Judging Week will become a part of Creative Week Cape Town for the first time. It means that all judging will take place during the week Monday to Thursday and the Loeries Seminar will take place on Friday.

The awards ceremonies will be held on the Saturday and Sunday evenings. Also for the first time, the Pendoring Awards will be held on the Friday evening as part of Creative Week Cape Town.

All in all, these changes will result in a week-long promotion and celebration of the creative industry and offer fantastic opportunities for all Brand Partners.

Contact information:

444 Jan Smuts Avenue
Bordeaux 2196
South Africa
Tel: +27 11 326 0304

3G vs Wi-Fi: It’s no longer a battle

We’re often asked about the relevance of public Wi-Fi in the light of ubiquitous 3G connectivity. Why would anyone connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot if 3G is so much simpler?

Until recently, the main argument for using Wi-Fi was that it was cheaper and faster. But with the launch of Cell C’s R149 pm 3G package and the subsequent responses by Vodacom and 8ta, public Wi-Fi has come under severe threat.

In general, Wi-Fi hotspots are still marginally cheaper and marginally faster than 3G, but it comes at the cost of mobility and more irritatingly, the need to type in user credentials when connecting. Typing in usernames and (oft forgotten) passwords is generally a schlep, but it’s made worse when you’re having to type them in on a mobile phone.

So what do we do? Enter automated logins! Skyrove has been trialing automated logins using Facebook accounts and other methods for a while now, but these still involve some clicking about, occasionally entering user details or installing an app on your phone.

The holy grail, of course, would be to have your phone automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks without you having to interact with it at all. If you’re at a hotel, airport, train station, restaurant or Greenmarket Square, your phone should connect to the Wi-Fi network without any fuss. If you are driving between places, your phone should hop back onto the the 3G network.

Well, this is finally becoming a reality. The global roaming company iPass announced their Open Mobile Exchange program for mobile network operators this week. The key success factor, in my opinion, is that rather than focusing on the 3G-to-WiFi handover technology alone, iPass can offer operators access to a 140,000+ hotspots worldwide and are leading the charge to make it happen.

Skyrove is a member of the iPass network, so if your mobile operator signs up with iPass, you’ll get easy, zero-click, fast internet access at 700 of our hotspots nationwide!

Let’s hope @vodacom, @MTNSouthAfrica and @CellC get going with this pronto!


p.s. GigaOM has a great write-up here

Electronic Communications Facilities (ECF) Leasing Regulations

Last week ICASA published the ECF Leasing Regulations, hot on the heels of announcing that valuable wireless spectrum would go up for sale! Effectively, it means that anyone who controls any electronic communications facility, including cables, antennas, masts & even satellite transponders must share this with an ECNS licence holder that needs to use such facilities.

This is obviously pretty big news! If you’re in the industry, make sure you have a look at the Regulations, available from Ellipsis Regulatory Solutions -

I’ve also made a mindmap (incomplete) that outlines some of the pertinent points. I find a mindmap much easier to use for legal documents I find clauses like to refer to other clauses in the same document. With a mindmap I can quickly see the clauses being referred to without searching through pages. You can view (and download) the mindmap from or use the embedded version below (click the PopOut arrow bottom right to view in Fullscreen mode)

Internet More Important than Sex to South Africans

Earlier today I was planning a Google Adwords campaign for a new wireless internet product Skyrove WiFi Hotspots will be launching soon. As some of you may know, Google Trends is a great way to see what people are searching for on the internet.

Unfortunately, Google Trends does not tell you exactly how many searches there are for a particular term. You can only compare terms with each other. One of the most commonly searched terms on Google, believe it or not, is ‘sex’.

So to get some rough benchmark of how often people search for “internet” in SA, I thus decided to compare the ‘sex’ with ‘internet’. This is what it looks like:

Incredibly, more people in South Africa are now searching for “internet” than there are looking for “sex”!

I’m not sure what conclusions to make yet, but it’s certainly interesting! I also did some other searches on Trends, e.g. 2010, internet (2010 recently outranked internet in the US, but NOT in South Africa!).

(Post by Skyrove Founder Henk Kleynhans – You can also follow him on Twitter:

Skyrove partners with Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans
Established over 30 years ago, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has become a global Icon with stores in over 20 countries and has now identified South Africa as a growing market for their quality handmade coffee. Gloria Jean’s will bring their passion for coffee to South Africa in vibrant stores at prime locations all over the country.
For their South African stores, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has chosen Skyrove as a partner to provide wireless internet to their customers as a value added service. We are in the process of rolling-out the stores. Warren Schmidt, operations manager at Gloria Jean’s says: “The partnership with Skyrove is based on integrity and trust. Our vision is a commitment to excellence and innovation in everything we do and we have thus chosen a partner that shares that vision.“
To find a Gloria Jean’s store close to you visit
To find Skyrove Hotspots in South Africa and worldwide visit

As from December 2007 Dial-A-Nerd will distribute and install Skyrove hotspots

Skyrove is glad to announce a partnership with Dial-A-Nerd, South Africa’s leading computer Support Company dedicated to homes and small businesses. Their qualified and friendly technicians will from now install Skyrove Hotspot at affordable rates. The Hotspot will be sold for R795 and venue owners will be paid 50% revenues share. For those who want to pick up a Skyrove Hotspot in one of Dial-A-Nerd’s six branches a technician will set it up for you in-store! The Hotspot can then be taken to its new destination and simply be plugged in.
Dial-A-Nerd currently has 3 branches in Cape Town (Durbanville, Woodstock and Tokai) and 3 branches in Johannesburg (Bryanston, Parkhurst, Sunninghill). All branches are also Skyrove Hotspots that provide prepaid broadband internet to the surrounding shops, businesses and homes as well as to people on the move who want to get connected.

Grayson Rainier, Marketing Manager at Dial-A-Nerd raves: “Skyrove offers the best wireless hotspot option as you pay for how much you download, not for how long you spend browsing. If you are in coffee shop you are able to maximise your wireless time whilst enjoying your coffee. With Skyrove you get more flexibility and greater value for your money.”

To experience the ease of use of a Skyrove Hotspot, the convenience of prepaid per Megabyte billing and all the other benefits, just test the Skyrove Hotspot at a Dial-A-Nerd branch or at any of our 250 Hotspots in South Africa.
Dial-A-Nerd: because Nerds know Hotspots!
For more information on Dial-A-Nerd visit:
To find Skyrove Hotspots close to you and worldwide visit:

Skyrove Wi-Fi internet access at PostNet stores countrywide


Skyrove and PostNet have partnered to provide wireless internet access at PostNet stores around South Africa. This will enable customers at the store to use their Wi-Fi enabled laptops, PDAs and mobile phones to access the internet on the move.

PostNet Southern Africa is the country’s largest privately-owned counter network in the document and parcel market, targeting mainly Small to Medium Enterprises. Each PostNet store is a Business Centre providing a range of innovative business solutions that now include Skyrove Wi-Fi internet access. PostNet personnel save their clients time by attending to their Connectivity, Courier, Digital, Document and Office Supplies needs, all in one easy stop.

Vishal Chaggan, head of digital communications at PostNet is excited about the collaboration saying, “We are always looking for ways to add value to our customers and mobile communication is very important to them. Skyrove enables these customers to conveniently create an account and connect to the internet wirelessly on their own devices.”

PostNet Southern Africa franchise-based business has over 200 Business Centres that can be found in every major city and larger town throughout South Africa. PostNet stores in the Western Cape have successfully been enabled with Skyrove hotspots and the roll-out will be continued in January 2008 with selected stores in Gauteng and Durban.

Tino Mueller, business development manager at Skyrove says “The PostNet Business Centres will add value to our hotspot network, where users can easily roam between high profile venues with a single prepaid account.”

To find a PostNet Business Centre nearest to you, simply click here

To find any of the 250 existing Skyrove Hotspots in South Africa, visit:

Guesthouse Accommodation of South Africa Endorses Skyrove

Skyrove has entered a partnership with the Pinelands Accommodation Network (PAN). The organization that grades and organizes accommodations in Pinelands, Cape Town (SA) has realized that wireless internet access is not a service that should be exclusive to hotels. Most of the over 30 B&Bs and guesthouses are now offering wireless internet through Skyrove’s fully managed solution as a contemporary and value adding service to their guests.

Nicola Morris, owner of Pine Cottage B&B and member of Pinelands Accommodation Network raves: “Skyrove has proved a huge benefit to my business, allowing my guests internet access in the comfort of their rooms. It has also proved an asset to Pinelands Accommodation Network as guests can use Skyrove at lots of different establishments within our network keeping their remaining credit from one visit to use at their next.

To find Skyrove enabled accommodations in Pinelands visit