Skyrove has moved!


Good morning all Skyrovers!

We are pleased to announce that over the weekend we moved into our new offices. We are just experiencing a few telephone issues whilst Telkom processes our Golden Number transfer. If you need to get hold of us in the meantime please call our out of hours support number: 074 654 79 11.

You can also find us at our new physical address:

Suite 23b Unit16,
The Waverley Business Park, Wyecroft Road
Mowbray 7705

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Win 2 VIP Tickets for The 34th Annual Loerie Awards Convention!

Dear Skyrovers,

We are happy to announce that Skyrove has 2 VIP tickets up for grabs valued at R6000 each to attend The 34th Annual Loerie Awards Convention which will take place in the Cape Town City Hall between the 15th and the 23rd of September 2012.

The VIP tickets will allow access to the Convention on Saturday, 21 September and Sunday, 22 September.  As a VIP guest, you are invited to:

●  International Seminar of Creativity – RSVP required.
The seminar that will be taking place at City Hall in Cape Town on Friday 21 September, with a fantastic line-up of international creative leaders.

●  VIP registration:
A special desk will be provided for all VIP guests – you will have to collect your access passes at registration to attend any events, including the seminar.

●  Mayor’s Media Brunch:
You will receive an invitation to attend the Mayor’s Media Brunch on Saturday 22 September at the Alba Lounge in the V&A Waterfront, at 11am. Places are very limited and confirmations will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

EGG Films Judges Wrap Party:
You will receive an invitation to meet the judges, including our international jury chairmen, Thursday at the Cullinan Hotel from 6pm. Places are very limited and confirmations will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Marie-Claire Winners Party:
All our VIP guests are invited to the Official Winners Party on Saturday evening at the Zip Zap Circus, immediately after the first evening’s awards ceremonies.

Will be provided at all official functions, including a VIP lounge at the Awards Ceremonies from 5pm, and VIP areas at the Official Party.

To stand a chance to win one of these tickets, the rule is simple.  Based on a radical theme, you will just be asked to take a “radical” picture of yourself in front or inside one of our Skyrove’s hotspots around the country and post it on our Facebook Fan page:

Find out where our hotspots are on the following map –

The winners will be notified on the 10th of September via Twitter and Facebook and an email will be sent to both winners 5 days before the opening day of The Loerie Awards.

Think out of the box and be RADICAL!!


Skyrove – Now up to 66% cheaper

As of today, Skyrove is simplifying its pricing model and reducing prices at more than 800 hotspots nationwide.

Previously, different Skyrove hotspots would charge a different rate per megabyte depending on its location. So you could be paying 30c/MB at your home but 60c/MB when travelling.

We felt this was confusing and inconsistent, so we decided to make things simpler and cheaper.

In future, instead of buying credits and then paying different rates at different hotspots, you are now able to buy megabytes in bundles that can be used at any Skyrove hotspot.

Megabytes can now be purchased in one of the following three bundles:

R5002500 MB20c / MB
R2501000 MB25c / MB
R120400 MB30c / MB
R40100 MB40c / MB

If you have any existing credit with Skyrove this will be converted to Megabytes based on the rate of the last hotspot you used, so you will not lose any credits because of the price change.

As before, Megabytes you buy with Skyrove will never expire and can be used at more than 800 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. See for our Hotspot locations.

Please note that the above pricing bundles do not apply if you are using a 3rd party, such as Skype, to connect to a Skyrove Wi-Fi hotspot.

For a pricing comparison, see the mybroadband article here

Skyrove Video of the Week – What do you think?

We’ve just implemented a Skyrove Video of the Week section on the Skyrove Welcome Page (the page you see once you’re logged in).

The very first video is Trevor Noah’s hilarious (and now famous) act complaining about cellphone companies in South Africa.

New Skyrove Welcome Page

New Skyrove Welcome Page

Please let us know what you think about it. Do you like it? Are there any other features you would like to see on your Welcome Page?

p.s. The video won’t download until you hit the Play button (so no extra charges for the features)

The Read/Write Web as seen through Wi-Fi Hotspot Usage

The graph below depicts uploads vs downloads at Skyrove Wi-Fi hotspots over the past 3 years. As you can see, both have grown, but downloads have grown much faster than uploads.

This is a bit surprizing.

Just about everybody has a digital camera now and laptops have built-in webcams. I’d expect people to be uploading more photos & videos to Flickr and Facebook and to spend more time video calling each other on Skype.

Perhaps there’s an exponential relationship somewhere? I.e. every 100 KB photo uploaded is viewed 4 times, and thus 400 KB is downloaded? I surely hope that this is the case and that we’re not just turning into internet couch potatoes!