About Us

The Story of Skyrove

Skyrove was founded in July 2005 by Henk Kleynhans. The emphasis was to empower people to not only get connected, but to also use their collective strength to overcome high prices and other challenges.

Our initial focus was to enable small business such as coffee shops or guesthouses to be able to offer wireless internet access to customers in order to attract feet through the door, and in-turn provide a cost-effective solution for people to use by still being able to work and connect with family and friends around the world.

Since then, the knowledge gained has enabled us to grow and deploy hotspots on a diverse and much larger scale, but still keeping our initial core value of small business empowerment very strong.

Our growth has created incredible avenues, such as providing Wi-Fi for events, conferences, mobile transit entities (Tours and Taxis), student houses, apartment blocks and corporates. With our vast knowledge, dedicated team, and superior software, we’ve supplied Wi-Fi to many top brands in the industry and have received great testimonials. We believe this is the direct result of our highly focused Customer service department, our vital component to providing the best service we can.

Our Team

Our Team

Cyndy Stroebel – CEO

Charles Jolaoso – Technical Manager

Adam Schoeman – Network Technician

Our Advisors

Michael Leeman – Controlling Shareholder, Miombo Capital

Henk Kleynhans – Founder of Skyrove